The Lost Puppy

(Story from a dream, dreamt by Bunu, my wife)

It was a Saturday evening. We had just returned home, with some take-away dinner. As Tiki opened the front door, something soft brushed past my feet. But, looking down, I could not see anything.

After freshening up, we sat down with the dinner before the TV, as that is how we have dinner.  A while later, I felt a presence, and there it was, by the side of the sofa, a small, soft puppy, with its face turned up to me, as if asking, “When are you going to take notice of me?” I have never been so surprised, and wondering, “From where on earth have you come?”, I nudged Tiki.

Tiki too had noticed it, and a look of utmost amazement filled his face. Then I realized it must have been the soft thing that had brushed past my feet when we entered.

As both of us broke into a laugh, it sprang up and landed on the sofa, between us. Oh! How plump and adorable it was! It immediately charmed us. We forgot the TV. I was curious and spoke to it, asking where it came from, and whether it had got lost. It just turned its head this way and that, as if it understood everything we said. But, no, it was not interested in the dialogue. It just wanted to be cuddled and fondled, to which it graciously yielded. It yelped, if ever, when the caressing stopped, or one of us looked at the TV.

Dinner finished, we were sleepy after the long week. We turned off the TV, and headed for the bedroom with the puppy in tow.  We discussed what to do with it. We decided we should not feed it, lest it got attached. Tiki said that he would take it out the next morning, and leave it someplace where it could fend for itself. Oh! How it craned its head, and what a sad expression came over its shiny small eyes. Then it sprang to Tiki’s lap, to snuggle close, as if saying, “This is where I belong”.

As we turned in, Tiki put it down on the floor on his side of the bed. I woke up next morning to the yelp of the puppy. Tiki told me he had got up, and stepped on ‘Godu’. Tiki caressed him, and spoke to him until he stopped whimpering.

After breakfast, which Godu (that is what Tiki had called him after waking up) watched, with interest, but without any visible longing, I said I should give him some milk. Godu immediately knew, and followed me to the kitchen. He drank the milk and licked off all traces from his shiny snout. Then he was back to his frivolity with renewed vigour.

Tiki said he should take Godu out for toilet. Just then the bell rang. Opening the door I found a small girl. She did not seem to be from our locality, as it appeared from her dress. She said in an uncertain voice, “Aunty, I am lost!”

I asked her where she lived. She said she was from Sakchi, but had been wandering for a long time. She did not know how to get back.  “Can you tell me how to go to Sakchi from here?” she asked. Tiki told her Sakchi was a big place, and unless she told us of any particular area… She said, “If you tell me to how to reach the fish market, I will find my way.”  Well, Tiki said to me, we were anyway going out to drop the puppy somewhere, and the fish market would be a good place to leave him.

As we went out, Godu followed us, and energetically jumped into the car to climb on the back seat.  The girl followed him.

We dropped her at the fish market, and waited to see which way she went.  Then I noticed Godu had disappeared.  “Oh Tiki! Godu has run away”, I cried.

Tiki said, pointing ahead, “See there! He is going, following the girl”.

Right then the girl turned around, and lifted her hand to wave at us.  She noticed Godu, and knelt down. As Godu leapt in the air, she caught him.  Then holding him close to her chest she waved at us.

Then they were gone, now each inseparable from the other!

Indroneer / 09 July 2013