|| Tooth Wisdom ||


For me it was a permanent feeling
Of a pain that kept my head reeling
It resided in the upper wisdom tooth
And, so I went to the Dentist’s booth

The doctor took a temporary decision
Making in my mouth a surgical incision
While glibly mouthing words of sooth
He took out one good wisdom tooth

Then he did something quite unexpected
Putting it back, from where he’d exacted
Filling it with something in its deep hollow
The purpose of which I could not follow

A few days later that filling got growing
And my wisdom tooth was overflowing
With wisdom I had never before had
(Though learning late is not all that bad)
Soon that wisdom tooth uprooted and fell
Leaving me unwise and sorry with this tale

Doc had filled my tooth with this wisdom
That only came from his heart’s bottom:
“Based on a permanent decision on tooth
Never make a temporary filling uncouth”

Indroneer / 28 September 2013