|| In Love ||


I know I am in love,
That impalpable feeling
Of not knowing what to do with time
Of not knowing
Of not being
Of existing without a feeling
Only feeling …

Feeling that I am in love
And not feeling anything else
Of eying without seeing
Of harking without hearing
Of touching without feeling
Of … Oh! Of, what?

Oh! How helpless I feel!
Helpless? No, no, I do not feel anything at all
Except that I am in love.

Oh! How hopeless I feel
That love has at last arrived,
When my soul has departed
Looking for it

In my soul there was this hope
That love would come to me
Only when it, my soul, left me
To let love in

For, love and ego could not coexist!
And yet, why did my soul pursue love?

Indroneer / 28.11.13