I noticed this girl at the bus stand. She peered at and screened the buses that came and went. When there was no other passenger the buses slowed down for her, but she just peered and then waved them off. I was fascinated, watching her from across the road. I could not see her features clearly as the heat made the air dance above the road. Her figure undulated in the rising waves of hot air. Still she fascinated me with her lithe body, a light print frock, and her slender hand held over her eyes. When the sun became too strong, she put on her dark glasses, so enormous that they almost hid her face over her lean and graceful neck that swayed to the rhythmic oscillation of the passing buses.

Morning went past noon and moved through the afternoon haze before cooling off into a long drawn dusk. As the sky took on the hues of a rich sunset, neon signs came on in the distance lending an eerie sparkle to the majestic landscape. The buses were now fewer and the girl had fallen into a languid charade of her morning vigour. She still peered at the buses. But, just so.

As the oncoming darkness swallowed the lingering dusk, I looked at my watch and saw it was past the hours the buses plied. But, she still stood there, forlorn; and I stood across, still fascinated. The heat waves over the road were gone, but now the darkness obscured her. I so longed to see her face, from which she had at last taken off her glasses. Her eyes only shone in the pale face, as the moon came up.

I had to know. Would she be there tomorrow? Should I then come and stand across the street?

I crossed over and approached her. As I neared her, she turned and saw me. And she asked, “Officer, has anyone reported a lost puppy? It had jumped into one of those buses yesterday and disappeared.”

Indroneer / 29 November 2013