|| Right to Remain Silent ||

You say, I have a right to remain silent,
I’ve ever been spellbound, watching you
Eons have passed in sheer endearment
Engraving myriad cameos I never knew

What can I say, what can I never tell
My deadened lips refuse to part in awe
No words escape them, ever so pale
As in my chest tormenting emotions gnaw

There has been, is, and will be just one
Argument that we shall have between us
You will only argue, but I shall debate none
So that I may watch you in unabashed hush

You may use my silence in our later arguments
However, I know, there’ll be no more of them
Though words may rush in my heart in torrents
I shall be, of utter silence, a lovable emblem ||

Indroneer / 19 Feb 14