|| Unrequited Love ||

I light some joss sticks; I burn some incense
I think of unrequited love, ever so intense

I see the flames, the leaping grey shadows
I feel unrequited love’s ache as it grows

I think of laughter, merriment, and license
I recall unrequited love, lost in innocence

I pluck lovely flowers; I sow fecund seeds
I try to forget unrequited love’s misdeeds

I sniff the air with the breeze on my cheeks
I listen to unrequited love’s silenced lyrics

Pining in unrequited love, I resign to grieve
Yet I cannot cry; my chest refuses to heave

No matter what I do, it returns to haunt me
Unrequited love, bet’n ma cherie et mon ami ||

Indroneer / 21 February 2014