|| Noah’s Homage||

Today is the day to remember dad
That is what I do when I feel too bad
What was he like, is difficult to say
Given as he was to saying a few nay
Did he love me or loved mum more?
Well, he did give me many a chore
One of them was to take care of mum
I was no good at it, as I was a bum
But she loved me, loved dad no less
Bet’n them for me, they had my place
Like the cozy back seat of our old boat
With dad on a voyage far and remote
Mum on his side, I all alone in the back
Imagining myself to be Noah in his ark
Herding my flock (of folks) ahead of me
Taking the choppy waters to be my sea

Came up a huge storm, writing in the sky
With blue lightning, “One of you must die”
Dad crossed himself and rose like a tower
Flinging himself at the waves and shower
But they swept him to the world nether
His last word were, “Noah, save your mother”

Indroneer / 22 February 2014