বাজলো তোমার আলোর বেনু
(In memory of late singer Supriti Ghosh)

|| Alor Benu ||
(The Flute of Light)

Her lovely tune echoed against a timeless blue sky
In a drizzle of golden light, falling softly down nigh
A mellifluous sweet breeze blowing so unbothered,
About time’s pace over my soul, dark and cloistered
Taking it into the serpentine lanes of reminiscence
Of a childhood, removed to a million eon’s distance
The flute of light in her hymn leading my soul anon
With the faintest scent of a musk deer’s pheromone

This have I been chasing in my waking and dream
This did I discover but to lose again in the interim
Will she ever come back and sing the song again,
So that the snuffed light my dark soul may regain?

Indroneer / 01 October 2013