|| Dying Confession ||


Dying confession,is it a laundry list
Of who did what, to whom, wrong?
Oh God, divine! Then my list is so long

Comes rushing, uncoiling repentance
Of times and things of slightest nuance
Words not spoken, palms not clasped
Intimacy tersely rebuffed in tone rasped
Darkened eyes melting to tears, avoided
Childhood’s vows and covenants voided
Lingering waits cut short, I was so mean
A heart bleeding to death, I’ve not seen

Now, the one who is gone, cannot hear
That she was the one foremost dear
Until her love became so overpowering
It left one’s ego suffocating, cowering

So here is the confession, I never made
I let her go, to her haven afar, ahead
From where she can see me suffer
Till ’tis time to leave life and join her

May now she love me without bond
Transfixing me by her calm gaze fond.

Indroneer / 06 April 2014