|| Time Departing ||


It spread nothing but a smile of shyness
To see you looking out of the train window
At a station platform so full of people
My heart draining all the blood it held

Knowing my life would no more remain simple

Then it rained nothing but the tears of joy
As I saw you daintily alight from the train
And the station platform suddenly emptied
My heart trembled, beating faster and faster

Knowing I would see you, my very own beauty

You got down, looked and came strutting
Towards where I stood tamely waiting
But with your eyes looking behind me
You walked on and on, went right past me

To the stall that sold chocolates and flowers

I could not turn around to see you there
I waited holding a breath in my tight chest
Would the train depart without you, I asked
I had to wait and see what really happened

Until a sweet wafting scent drifted past me

I closed my eyes and the station vanished
There was no more a platform, nor passengers
No windows on a serpentine queue of coupes
I knew I had moved to a small paradise island

That smelt of chocolates, flowers, you, and me

If you mix so many tiny fragrances together
Of warm flesh, and tears and smiles of cheer
And throw in some chocolates and flowers
What will you have but a quaint concoction

Of emotions floating on warm melted butter

I held on tightly to each moment of separation
And wrung out all the mushy teary emotions
Then opened my fist carefully lest it let fall
The bud of love in a state of efflorescence

Cradling unrequited love in my palm,
I bid goodbye to time departing …

Indroneer / 28 Apr 2014