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|| He Knew She Would Come Back ||


Taking the cab outside the office, exhausted and late, I tried to snuggle in the cold seat. Immediately, I noticed the cab number, 7913 in reverse, on the windscreen. ‘Was it the same at the back of the cab?’, startled, I thought.
The cab driver must have seen me jump, in the rear view mirror. He said, pleasantly, “Ma’am, don’t worry.”
– “Worry? How do you know …?” I asked.
– “I am Dodo. Tell me, why did you notice the number today? Rang a bell?”
– “Should it?”
– “7913 for 7 September, 2013. Today is your wedding anniversary, isn’t it?”
– “How do you know that?”
– “What is the date today?”
– “Look! Stop meddling in my affair, and halt the cab!”
– “It’s late. Won’t get another cab at this hour. And, you need not worry.”
– “Halt!”
– “You know how many times you have taken this cab?”
– “This cab?”
– “Yes. The first time, going to the marriage registrar’s office; the second time, joining office; the day you jumped out of your boss’s car, and called up your husband; the day you left him with your three-year-old son … remember the cab you took all those days? Can you?”
– “Have you been following me?”
– “Well … I have to see to your safety, particularly, since you stopped traveling in your boss’s car.”
– “Such a terrible thing … following a woman, day after day. I want to know why?”
– “Oh! Just hoping, someday you will ask me to take you to your husband’s place.”
“My husband?”
– “Yes.”
– “Who is he? You know him?”
– “The one you left, because you thought he could have done better than run taxi cabs. I am one of his cabbies. He sends me every day, to see to your safety.”
– “So, shall we?”

Indroneer / 29 April 2014