|| Dark Love ||

You’ve asked me again n again, what is love
Lemme tell you it’s not a thing for the dove
It is not for the pink lovey-dovey, idle, inert
It is for the dark, with grey steel in the heart

It is for the hawk, the eagle, the birds of prey,
Who see not seven colours, but see only grey
Who fly the zenith, squinting predatory eye;
To ‘Quo Vadis?’, they bare their fangs in reply
For them who stalk, murder, and then leave
The scene of crime, a heart bleeding in grief
Love is as sang-froid as the slithering snake
Leaving an apple for Adam n Eve to partake

You think love is just hazy wonder in the eyes;
Feel it is seeing myriad rainbows in the skies
Love is romancing two hearts in tender bond
Like tendril emotions embracing virile fronds

It is something perhaps I will not understand
Because, for the criminal I have taken a stand

I aver love is just a thief, a felon, a murderer
No matter how one tries harder and harder
To catch it, make it the soul of one’ fiancée
She becomes so soulless, she becomes blasé

I then put her body in the Tower of Silence
To soar high, to brood over, my past tense.

Indroneer / 06 July 2014