|| Friendship Day ||

Friends! As we celebrate Friendship Day
Know that we’ve traveled a long, long way
From a tentative togetherness’ frivolous lark
To be thrown into a voyage on Noah’s Arc
We began a journey, put on the same deck
To watch in our passage’s turbulent wake
Recede, our past, in froth, foam and waves
We escaped the loneliness of darkness’ slaves
Remaining no more the beasts of the caves

We, thus, sailed together, liberating ourselves
Like a bunch of fun-loving, frolicking elves
Scanning the distant horizon, ahead, very far
Vicariously, on this ship we’ve voyaged afar
Drinking, feasting, dancing, and making merry
Picking and testing merriment’s many a cherry
Scarce, we have gone below the ship’s deck
To probe its cavernous holds, without check
As if to visit together our forgotten dark past
Only to glimpse, crying, “For the time, last!”

Alas! Sooner or later, we shall part our ways
I do not know, if we’ll go back to the caves
But, before we say everlasting, final goodbye
Tell me, frankly, and please do not you lie
Have you let me explore your ship, deep within
As I let you on board, as guest, to explore mine
Because, I will happy if you have some nook
That I have not yet explored, an unopened book
Then I can really part happy, to meet you again
As no stranger, laying in grave my mortal remains
Side by side we shall lie, in immobilized body
Sipping, and savouring the life’s remaining parody.

© Indroneer / 03 August 2014