|| Woebegone ||

Ere an eternity we had separated
Ere each other we could forgo
I don’t know which way you went
But there was nowhere I could go

I kept moving, I kept wandering
Thinking, I must keep moving on
Round and round in circles I went
While time stood still for an eon

Now, never more can I see you
Nor, can I again hear your voice
I can only feel in my imagination
‘Cause you had left me no choice

When you thus went away, as if
You wrenched away all of my soul
Where my tiny heart used to be
You just left a hollowness, a hole

Could you visit me in my dream
Once, please, just only once more
I won’t feel you, or touch you
Or, adore you like I did before

But, when I wake up, I hope
This nightmare will be gone
That, I did not leave you and
Did not become so woebegone

© mikupa / 21 March 2015