|| Oberammergau ||

Oberammergau is where the clouds cast no shadows
Upon the eye-soothing, green, overflowing meadows
Its brook wriggles between nigh mountains blue and tall
Close your eyes, wish, and you can see the hues of fall

Nestled in its rolling grounds lie fresco painted houses
Where the men shelter and cherish their loving spouses
Here, if you wait under some large, leafy shade-tree
You’d see a somnambulant woman pass by in a hurry

A cloud may soon pass, drenching all in a silver shower
Do not stop her, let her get wet, and then just follow her
Follow on till you see her soon reach a picket fence gate
Where her man waits, with a smile, and a warm blanket

This land, its pleasant men, and its gentle pretty women
Have never had any babies, for they turn in sharp at ten
And then the men snuggle, each embracing his beloved
To enact a passion-play, as babies in a warm ‘n soft bed.

© mikupa / 03 July 2015