|| Marriages Are Made in Heaven, or Is It Vatican ||

Ten feisty Loreto sophomores decide they would marry
Famous, noble, great men – simply, out of the ordinary!

One says, “Generally, in theory, I relate to my Einstein”
That sort of pegs the bevy of eligible brides down to nine.

Next one says, “My heart is set to fly with Wilbur Wright!”
This leaves the bouquet of eligible maids down to eight.

Next says, “For me, the magnetism of Weinberg, Steven!”
That leaves the bevy of maids down to, let’s say, seven.

Next one, “I love the capital and money of John Hicks”
That brings the bevy of maids down to, Hallelujah! Six.

Next: “I prefer the economic science of Granger, Clive”
That leaves our maids down to, would you believe, Five!

Next one says she loves the uncertainty of Niels Bohr
That leaves us, alas! with a nosegay of maids, just four.

Next one is besotted by the cowboy actor Harry Carry.
We are down to – oh, dear me! – Three maids, just three!

For the next one it has always been Winnie the Pooh
And, so, we are left with maids – a pair of, or just two.

One of them wants a Nobel laureate of the year 1941
Good grief! That year the prize was awarded to none!

“So, whom would you like to marry, dear girl, last one?”
“I think I’ll take a sabbatical; go to Vatican to be a nun!”

© mikupa / 13 July 2015