|| Platonic Golgappa ||


Delhi’s cute college girls with silken shampooed hair
Living secretive lives in their fathers’ protective lair
Darlings of all skins – white, pale, brown, dark or tan
They come to college, riding sleek tinged-glass sedan
As they step out, first you see high heels, or plain flats
Lastly, faces wearing dark glasses hiding eyelash slats
Some powder rouge over foundation with suntan lotion
Faces pretty powerful to set hearts in perpetual motion
In faded jeans and tops, or kamij o’er churidar salwar
Incessantly they talk, giggle, prattle, shriek or chatter
As they munch pastry, pizza, burger, with a cola sip
They talk poetry, cinema, politics, or just filmy gossip
They hate none never nothing, with lives so full of love
You’d think in last birth, each was a peaceable dove
Yet, their neighbourhood boys on speeding mo’bikes
Want to give up everything to know what are their likes
Ostensibly, each girl singly, adores her papa or appa
But, what they love most together is platonic golgappa!

© mikupa / 13 July 2015