|| His Enemy||

Every day he changes his enemy …

People may think of shifting goalposts
But, I know he just keeps changing his enemy.

Just the other day it was a barstool at the pub
After he had downed three pegs like a toad,
And cautiously refused one for the road …
The fourth leg of his barstool ducked and straightened up
Throwing him off on the ground
He declared aloud that the barstool was his enemy.

When a child, he looked at his overbearing father
Looming large, glaring down at him
He clenched his little fist till the veins stood out
And swore that his father would be his lifelong enemy

But, as we are to see,
He would soon change his enemy …

It was then his brother’s toy car that would not run
Even after he changed the batteries
Unless it was dropped on the floor from a height
Then, being boxed in the ear by his brother
He swore that his brother would be his lifelong enemy

Brother, mates at the school, the games or the pub
And all those girlfriends that his looks drove away
As they passed by in a flash, on a whirring globe,
He pounced on them, picking one at a time
And swore who would be his lifelong enemy.

He did not even spare his wife, spare as she was
With a waist that could be grabbed in a fist
And, therefore, he did grab her in his fist
(After the first fight they had, his wife’s eyes full of mist)
And swore that she would be his lifelong nemesis
And, therefore, forever his worst enemy.

Luckily, life is short, at least for the lucky ones!
And so his enemies, none did last for long
One by one, before they vanquished him
They kept him supplied with an ever-changing enemy

Of late, it has been this and that …
Sometimes, the barstool that tripped,
Sometimes, the butter knife that slipped
Then, the hot water tap on the kitchen sink
And of course, the neighbourhood dog, for a wink
Just when he had made the fleeing postman his enemy.

Now, as he stands on the bathroom scale,
Sucking in his tummy, having removed his towel
Yet, with his bifocals coming in the way
He thinks the bathroom scale is his enemy
Because it won’t let him see how much does he weigh.

But, if he just looked up, and looked in the mirror
He would see a very familiar face lacking vigour
(A sallow one that’s been around as long as him)
And know, who has been stalking, shadowing
Him, like a trusty lifelong enemy.

© mikupa / 16 October 2015