|| Let Paris No More Burn ||

I have lived nights through violent fights
I have been blinded by flash-bomb lights
Explosions and war cries I too have heard
Smelt cordite, and flesh, and stale blood

I had never known blood could so smell
Never knew I could hear the death knell
Yet, blood, fear and sweat had mingled
Friends murdered, systematically singled

Yes, they killed friends with utmost relish
Said, their society must be without blemish
Theirs was a revolution, thus, for the good
That which they – only they – understood!

We never stood up; we stumbled, we fell
As we ran helter-skelter, we ran pell-mell
We ran since we had to flee and escape
Destiny propelled us, grabbing our nape

Let’s now just turn back, and face aright
The enemy who forces us into this flight
Who cleaves us into cowardly columns
Retreating, begging for life’s petty alms

So long as we run, we die like cowards
If we divide, we multiply them bastards
So, let’s unite – here is a lesson to learn
That till we are divided, Paris will burn!

© mikupa / 15 November 2015