Bio: "I always wanted to write", is easier said, than done. "Why didn't you?", pat comes the question from the sanctum sanctorum called conscience. Well, one has lived long in the innocence of thinking one could have done so many things, but for the lack of opportunities. That is not true. It has been rather a question of priorities. At any rate, I was never very good at recognizing opportunities, let alone grabbing them. For me now those priorities have all vanished, those which held me to ransom so long as I had a job, and other duties, like the ones for my family, notwithstanding the fact that my wife and only daughter were pretty independent of me, at least in their opinions. And, they never asked me not to write. So, why write now?, you ask. The fact is that the mind is at last free and various thoughts, suppressed till now in the garb of being protected and nourished, have started escaping to freedom. I am helpless, but feel the urge to remain in control, and direct the escaping thoughts to where they will be seen and heard. That is my reason for blogging (instead of talking to myself, which I used to indulge in, earlier). Now a bit of an introduction to the animal that I am: I am from India. I am a mechanical engineer with a post-graduate (equivalent to graduate in the USA) diploma in business management. I have worked in the aircraft and engineering industries in a variety of fields like design, planning and IT (information technology). I retired in 2010 as Head IT and then worked till 2013 as an IT consultant. I have a wife, a biology teacher, and a daughter settled in USA as a researcher in information science. I write both in English and Bengali, my mother tongue, spoken in parts of India and whole of Bangladesh. Bengali is the fifth (seventh, by some account) most spoken language on earth (that is, not counting the astronauts out there in space). I write purely for my own pleasure - because this is what I have been wanting to do all my life. To know a bit about my idiosynkrāsía, (I know, it sounds Greek! It is!!), read my blog: https://mikupa.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/bringing-up-father/

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